The Glory of Chinese Printing

Movable Type Printing In Ancient China

This introduction provides us with a general picture of the development of printing techniques in ancient China.
The facts and artefacts prove not only that China invented engraved block printing and clay movable type, but also was the first country in the world to use wood movable type and metal movable type.
The use of two color printing began in the Song Dynasty (960 A.D. --- 1279 A.D.).

By the Yuan Dynasty (1279 A.D. --- 1368 A.D.), two color printing was used to print books, and it further developed into three color and four color printing.
The advanced color printing invented in the Ming Dynasty was also the first in the world. The results produced could almost match the original painting, the printed products showed gradual tone.

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Travel Notes of WuYuan Landscape (printed in wood movable type by the ZiYang Academy in 1716 A.D., 55th year of the KangXi Reign)

With regard to the printing materials, China contributed to the use of ink in printing besides the use of printing blocks and movable types. The fact that bronze plates were used since the Song Dynasty indicates that technical problems associated with printing ink suitable for metal plates had been solved by then.

All these show that in the history of printing, the inventions in China were multifaceted and were perfected gradually. These inventions have contributed enormously to human civilization and social progress.

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Essays At The Dream Pool Garden by Shen Kuo (in the book there are records of the movable type printing invention by Bi Sheng) Portrait of Bi Sheng A Treatise On Agriculture | The Making Of Movable Type For Printing
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Vimalakiri Sutras (printed with clay movable type ,in characters of the Western Xia) Ji Xiang Bian Zhi Kou He Ben Xu (Continuation for Propitiousness Everywhere Reading Edition), printed with wooden movable type in Western Xia characters. Wang Zhen's wooden type composition
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Compiled In Chang Qing Years : Poet Bai's Writings Collection (printing with copper types by Hua Jian) The Book of Mo Zi (copper type printing, published in Zhi town.) Wooden type making
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Printing Manual for a Collection of Rare Editions at the Palace of Military Eminence (where is at the Imperial palace, Qing Dynasty) Imperial Encyclopaedia of the Past and the Present (a book of copper type printing at the Palace of Military Eminence)
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Memorial To The Throneof From the Song Dynasty Ministers (printed in bronze movable type by Hua Sui.) Dreams of the Red Chamber, printed in movable type by the CuiWen Bookstore (CuiWen means literature collection) in 1792 A.D., the 57th year of the Qiang Long Reign

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Engraving Frame making Arranging the type


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