The Glory of Chinese Printing

Printing in the Yuan Dynasty

Great progress was made in printing techniques during the Yuan Dynasty (1271 A.D. --- 1386 A.D.). The greatest achievement in the printing techniques was Wang Zhen's innovation of the wooden movable type technology. He hired people to carve the wooden movable types and then designed a revolving typesetting plate to store the movable types according to the order of the rhymes. He made use of this technique for typesetting and print books.
Not too long before Wang Zhen's time, some people also used tin movable type. this was possibly the earliest use of metal movable type in history.

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Bank note of the Zhi Yuan Period (1335 A.D. -- 1341 A.D.), Yuan Dynasty.
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Revolving Typesetting
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Complete Version of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms (engraved by the Yu family of Jian ' an, with illustrations on the cover) The reedited classified ZhengHe reserved Pen-ts'ao (ZhengHe is a reign title of Northern Song Dynasty, Pen-ts'ao is a chinese Pharmacopoeia). (engraved and printed by Zhang Cun Hui in HuiMing House, PingYang prefecture)
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History of the Song Dynasty, published by the local government of executive secretariat in JiangSu and ZheJiang, in 1341 A.D., the 1st year of ZhiZheng years, Yuan Dynasty. Encyclopedia Dealing With Biographical Notes (engraved in 1324 A.D., the 1st year of TaiDing years, at the Western Lake Academy.)
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Buddhavatamsaka-mahavaipulya-sutra in the Yuan Dynasty, engraved and printed by the Long Xing (Dragon Rise) Temple in the capital. Buddhist Scriptures of Pu Ning (engraved in the Great Pu Ning Temle in Hangzhou) Ci Works of Jia Xuan, engraved and printed by Guang Xin Academy, 1299 A.D., in the 3rd year of DaDe years,Yuan Dynasty, imitating the calligraphic style of Zhao Meng Fu. (Ci is Chinese classical poetry.)

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