The Glory of Chinese Printing

Printing in the Mid and Late Tang Dynasty
In the latter part of the Tang Dynasty, printing reached its first high tide after its invention. Apart from the Buddhists who actively used printing, the Taoists also began to print books. pgcp29.jpg (50256 bytes)

Diamond sutra of 868 A.D. (discovered in Dunhuang.)

The production centers of printing also spread from the capital city of Chang'An and LuoYang (the eastern capital) to places such as SiChuan, HuaiNan, and DunHuang. Private printing houses also began to prosper.

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The All Buddha Most Holy Esoteric Dharani Scriptures
(discovered in Dunhuang, printed in the Tang Dynasty.)
An almanac carved in 877 A.D.
(discovered in Dunhuang.)
An incomplete piece of
almanac for the year 882 A.D.
(the 2nd year of ZhongHe years, Tang Dynasty.)

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