The Glory of Chinese Printing

Invention of Printing

The exact year in which woodblock printing was invented is still very much debated in academic circles because no artefacts or documentary records related to the earliest printing have been discovered. Nevertheless, judging from the pace of social and cultural developments and relevant documentary evidence, we can draw a rough outline.
Woodblocks were first used in the Sui Dynasty (581 A.D. --- 618 A.D.) and became popular in the Tang Dynasty(618 A.D. --- 907 A.D.). As to woodblock printing in the Tang Dynasty, plenty of documentary records and printing artefacts have survived to the present.

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Dharani Sutra in sanskrit (printing of
the Tang Dynasty,unearthed from ChengDu.)


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Tools for woodblock printing

Mantras of the Dharani Sutra, in Sanskrit ,was printed
in the early Tang and unearthed in the suburban district
of Xi 'an. It is the earliest extant printing relic.


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Mahadharani Sutra (discovered in Kyongju, South Korea, Chinese Printing of the Tang Dynasty.)


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