n Neolithic Period to the Hsia Dynasty (ca. 6000-1600 B.C.)
n Figure
n Salamander-Human
n Disc
n Shang Dynasty to the Western Chou (ca. 1600-771 B.C.)
n Pendant with Human and Dragon Motifs
n Pair of Rams
n Boar
n Eastern Chou to the Han Dynasty  (770 B.C. to A.D. 220)
n Tiger Pendant
n Figure
n Double Dragon Pendant from Ch'in
n Bronze Knife with Jade Handle and Hilt
n "Perpetual Happiness" Disc



Length: 4 cm,
height: 2.7 cm, thickness: 0.8 cm

          This standing boar is carved from a piece of fine lustrous brownish-yellow jade that is only 0.8 cm thick. A small hole drilled through the neck area indicates that this was once suspended as a pendant. The boar is distinguished by its pointed snout, large ears, lowered head, straight tail, and slender legs. The delicate relief carving of the facial area suggests the eyes and tusks. The lines are simple yet elegant, and the pose is convincing and relaxed. Many animals are represented in Western Chou jade carving, but the boar is rarely found--making this exceptional jade even more significant.