n Neolithic Period to the Hsia Dynasty (ca. 6000-1600 B.C.)
n Figure
n Salamander-Human
n Disc
n Shang Dynasty to the Western Chou (ca. 1600-771 B.C.)
n Pendant with Human and Dragon Motifs
n Pair of Rams
n Boar
n Eastern Chou to the Han Dynasty  (770 B.C. to A.D. 220)
n Tiger Pendant
n Figure
n Double Dragon Pendant from Ch'in
n Bronze Knife with Jade Handle and Hilt
n "Perpetual Happiness" Disc



Height: 6.3 cm,
width: 2.7 cm,
thickness: 2.3 cm

        This figurine is carved from greenish jade that has turned greyish-white and is speckled brown. The figure wears a conical crown divided into three levels, and the facial features are distinguished by slanting eyes and a protruding nose and mouth. Though apparently nude, there is no indication of gender. The figure kneels with hands clasped in front. The back of the neck has a hole drilled through it. A similar kneeling figure in stone, three times taller than this one, was unearthed at a Hung-shan culture site in Inner Mongolia, but the hands and feet are even more detailed. A seated jade figure with comparable facial features from the Hung-shan Culture is also in the Chan-chi-hsuan Collection in Taipei, suggesting that this posture perhaps had some significance.