n Neolithic Period to the Hsia Dynasty (ca. 6000-1600 B.C.)
n Figure
n Salamander-Human
n Disc
n Shang Dynasty to the Western Chou (ca. 1600-771 B.C.)
n Pendant with Human and Dragon Motifs
n Pair of Rams
n Boar
n Eastern Chou to the Han Dynasty  (770 B.C. to A.D. 220)
n Tiger Pendant
n Figure
n Double Dragon Pendant from Ch'in
n Bronze Knife with Jade Handle and Hilt
n "Perpetual Happiness" Disc



Outer diameter: 25 cm,
hole diameter: 4.2 cm,
thickness: 1.25 cm


        Originally dark green and brown, much of this jade has a web-like pattern of greyish-white discoloration. The outline of the disc is round with imperfections along the rim. The hole is small in relation to the disc and was drilled from both sides with traces of the drilling still visible. About 0.8 cm from the edge is an engraved motif 4.3 cm tall of a "sacred bird standing atop an altar". The lower part of the bird and the inside of the altar are no longer visible and only the three beads are prominent. This is a typical example of a jade disc from the late Liang-chu Culture.