n Neolithic Period to the Hsia Dynasty (ca. 6000-1600 B.C.)
n Figure
n Salamander-Human
n Disc
n Shang Dynasty to the Western Chou (ca. 1600-771 B.C.)
n Pendant with Human and Dragon Motifs
n Pair of Rams
n Boar
n Eastern Chou to the Han Dynasty  (770 B.C. to A.D. 220)
n Tiger Pendant
n Figure
n Double Dragon Pendant from Ch'in
n Bronze Knife with Jade Handle and Hilt
n "Perpetual Happiness" Disc


Height: 4.9 cm,
width: 1.8 cm,
thickness: 1.3 cm

          Parts of this light green jade have turned white, and traces of cinnabar and rust are evident. The form was apparently patterned after the shape of the original piece of jade. The almost comical expression and exaggerated features of the face distinguish it. Representing a male figure wearing robes, his head tilts to one side. With his right arm and shoulder exposed, his belly is shown protruding. His hair is neatly arranged into a topknot, the cords of which draped around his neck to the front of his chest. A hole was drilled through the topknot so that it could be suspended. The lively expression of this piece is complemented by the fine carving. A mid-Western Han bronze figure has been excavated with facial features and topknot similar to those found here.